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Concept Groups

From September 26th – October 21st

How can technology enrich nature? This is the main question of the GateWay to Nature Project, initiated by Fontys ICT and Staatsbosbeheer. The project aims to create engaging experiences in the forest, in an attempt to attract youngsters (age 12-16) to get back in touch with nature. .

Staatsbosbeheer witnesses a steady decline in younger visitors to their parks. The growing urbanization of the Netherlands (more than 50% of the Dutch live in a city) and the increased usage of digital entertainment appear to be strong competitors of nature when it concerns the reach-out to youngsters. In an attempt to bring youngsters back in touch with nature, Staatsbosbeheer organizes trips and educational programs in nature area’s that are close to the city (city parks, zoos, etc).

This project aims to trigger youngsters to take a step further. We want to entice them away from the city borders, to the forests, the heathlands and the peat lands. Designers are challenged to create digital interventions that reveal nature in new, engaging and unexpected ways. Can you change nature experiences and reveal another side of nature for youngsters? Let’s find out in the open course Design [4Nature] by Fontys ICT!

Students of ICT & Media Design, Software Engineering, Business, Technology, Smart Mobile, Digital Publishing, Lifestyle, and Game Design & Technology will try to create insights in the question:


How can digital interventions engage urban youngsters (12-16 years) to experience ‘package’ nature in an innovative way?

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